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Heavy Duty Chlorinated Detergent
Loosens and removes heavy residues and improves rinsing in food plants
XL-102 is a powerful liquid chlorinated cleaner designed for circulation, spray and pressure spray of dairy, meat and food processing plants. XL-102 readily penetrates, loosens and removes heavy residues and is highly effective on protein soils. Chlorinated for rapid, powerful cleaning action, it is even effective in the hardest waters.
  • Accepted for use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Rapid attack and removal of organic and protein soils
  • Can be automatically controlled and dispensed
  • Improves rinsing
  • Helps control stone and mineral films
  • Prevents pump cavitation and ensures full pipeline circuits
  • Leaves no water films and requires minimum acid cleaning cycles


Food Processing Plants
Meat Plants
Dairy Plants
Poultry Farms

Appearance: Pale Yellow Liquid
Odour: Mild Chlorine
pH: (1% solution) 13.2 +/- 0.05
Average Specific Gravity: 1.25 +/- .05
Available Chlorine, %: Min. 3